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My Personal Story with CBD

I’ve been a registered dietitian with my own private practice in NYC for over 12 years. One thing that I love about my field of work is that there is always more to learn. Whether its changing my views on fat and sugar or opening my mind to learn about the cannabis plant- I’m constantly… Read full article

Should CBD be in your skincare?

I’m getting asked a lot by my clients and the media about CBD in skincare. If it can do such great things for our body internally, then shouldn’t it be able to do equally great things when applied topically? The answer is YES. The science and research behind CBD is really incredible and shows CBD… Read full article


CBD can be confusing to many! So to help answer many of the questions that I get daily, I thought I’d create a post with some of the most common common ones we receive and answer everything you’ve wanted to know about CBD! 1) What’s the difference between CBD and marijuana? Cannabis sativa L. is… Read full article

CBD 101

You’re hearing about it everywhere and know it has something to do with pot- but what else is there? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant- yep, that plant! But cannabis isn’t only Cheech and Chong- hemp is considered part of the cannabis plant and is a great… Read full article