How To Use Daily Habit CBD

CBD is pretty much everywhere and in everything from supplements to beauty products. With all the messaging out there, it can be confusing. Should I consume CBD in a gummy or droplet? Is a lotion the way to go? Does this stuff really do everything it claims? Don’t freak out, because we have answers. Daily Habit is made from organically grown, full spectrum CBD, and it incorporates healthy fats from MCT powder that helps keep your brain energized and healthy. And because it comes in a powder form, it’s so easy to use. No more weird-tasting gummies or droplets under the tongue — Daily Habit can be incorporated into your (no pun intended, promise) daily routine in a number of simple ways.

What’s even the deal with CBD, anyway? How can it help with everything from stress to inflammation and more? While it might seem too good to be true, CBD is a naturally occurring endocannabinoid, a compound the body needs in order to maintain homeostasis. Daily Habit’s full spectrum CBD helps provide a number of health benefits from hemp, without getting you high. Daily Habit comes in powder form, and if you’re a first-time user, you might have questions about the ways to work it into your lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite ways to use Daily Habit.

Put It In Your Coffee

Because it’s a powder, Daily Habit works great in drinks. But you’ll want to choose carefully. You can mix it in water, but honestly, it’s like a 2/10, do not recommend (and we have tried it). Since our powder isn’t flavored, a better option might be your morning coffee. We think it adds a little extra flavor, and we don’t just mean the chill vibes. Espresso shots without the jitters? You can have it all! 

Prefer your coffee iced, even year-round? You can still drink Daily Habit with it — just mix a scoop or packet into a small amount of hot coffee, then add it to the rest of your drink.

Mix It Into Juice

Not a coffee drinker? We respect it, even if we’re a little scared… But no matter where you get your energy in the morning, Daily Habit can be incorporated into your beverage.

Daily Habit won’t overpower the taste of your go-to morning juice. A scoop or packet of Daily Habit also can go into your morning cup of tea. If you’re an iced tea person, the same tip above goes for iced tea — just mix a little bit into hot water before steeping. For people who prefer to drink their breakfast, our powder goes great in smoothies, too. Just blend it right in, and we have a feeling your morning will start with you hating your coworkers a little bit less.

Eat It

We don’t mean just sprinkle Daily Habit on top of whatever you’re eating like it’s parmesan cheese (although if you’re into that, more power to you—but also, yikes?). A good rule of thumb is to think of Daily Habit like the opposite of James Bond: stirred (into a dish), not shaken (on top of it). So mix it into chia pudding (or other pudding varieties), overnight oats, or hot cereals.

Bake It

For all the aspiring GBBO contestants out there, Daily Habit can be baked right into your favorite desserts. That automatically makes them guilt-free, right? Incorporate it into recipes for things blondies, pumpkin bread, cookies, and other treats. 

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By Sara Levine